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Backup and Recovery



Acronis specializes in disaster avoidance and recovery (DAR) software. This means that your data will always be secured and safe from harm’s way. With all-in-one data protection and affordable, web-based local and cloud backup services, it is one of our top picks for backup and recovery software.

Our Experience

QPC engineers have been working with Acronis since 2006. We find the software to be reliable and fast when maintained as a current version. It is important to pay the annual software maintenance fee in order to always have the latest version of the software protecting systems. QPC has tested competing imaging products such as Veeam and found them all to be lacking. Either the software is buggy, the reporting inadequate, or the recovery options too limited to be useful.

Our Insights

Acronis Backup for servers with HyperV is an expensive product, but it will image ALL of the VMs on a single HyperV host server. Further, it can reliably be used to migrate VMs from one HyperV server to another, even if they are different HyperV versions. Acronis, when properly implemented, can lead to some of the fastest server image restore times of any comparable software on the market.