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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure that was designed by Microsoft to help build, deploy, and manage applications and their services through a global network of Microsoft-manage datacenters. Azure is also a powerful cloud hosting platform that is a direct competitor to Amazon Web Services. The primary use of Azure is to manage cloud based servers and applications through a single conduit.

Our Experience

QPC uses Azure services extensively as part of security solutions for organizations that are using Office 365.

QPC has deployed web apps and virtualized servers in Azure.

Our Insight

Azure is perfect for organizations with complex needs that cannot be accomplished using other technologies. Azure is not cheap. Because of that, it is not a good option as a replacement for an on-premise server solution that is typically found at small to mid-sized businesses. Most small and mid-sized organizations would be best served by having a HyperV host server on premise that has a 7 year warranty. That server provides space for all the on-premise functions including space for several VMs hosting domain controller, application server, and other functions. A server like that can range anywhere from $8,000 - $23,000 including a 7 year warranty. Trying to get the same capacity as that in Azure would result in the same cost being incurred over 18 months instead of 7 years. Often servers with 7 year warranties are still fully functional for secondary tasks after the 7 year period has passed.

On-premise hardware is a one time cost plus the regular maintenance. Putting those resources in any cloud hosted platform still requires the same maintenance expense, it is just that the acquisition cost is spread out and leads to a substantially larger expense over the long run. Other problems exist in that all of the organization's methods for disaster avoidance and recovery have to be rearchitected to fit in the hosted cloud server environment. Cloud storage is very expensive, often 10 cents per gigabyte. A typical organization will pay $400 per month in storage consumption fees alone.



Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive, all inclusive, identity and access management cloud tool that provides a useful amount of capabilities to help manage users and their groups. It also is a great security tool as it has safe access to on premise and cloud applications such as the likes of Office 365 and many other non-Microsoft SaaS applications

Our Experience

QPC has extensive experience implementing Azure AD related solutions including cloud MFA, SSO web apps, AD Connect, and on-premise MFA solutions using Azure MFA Server.

Our Insight

Azure Active Directory is an integral portion of any Office 365 implementation for a business with an on-premise server. Azure Active Directory can do amazing things like rights management and single sign on with thousands of applications. Solve problems like how to maintain control over your company social media accounts. Azure Active Directory is an integral part of enabling high security for your Office 365-housed assets like email, Sharepoint, Skype, and OneDrive. The multifactor authentication is exactly the right balance of user friendly and secure.