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Being a threat detection company, Watchguard specializes in the unmet need for security solutions for small businesses to enterprises. Their hardware products include scalability with hardware advances with processors from the likes of Intel and Freesscale, enabling industry leading third-party scanning engines and Watchguard's very own Fireware operating system. These tactics let Watchguard provide security at every price point to meet the maximum flexibility in the threat landscape.

Our Experience

QPC's team includes two WatchGuard certified engineers, with one of them holding 8 WatchGuard certifications, 16 years of experience with the appliances, and is considered by industry experts to be in the top three WatchGuard security architects in the Midwest.

Our Insight

WatchGuard perimeter security appliances are also properly used as the core router of a network. Most SMB networks of up to 1500 endpoints can easily be accomodated with high throughput on a single, properly sized Firebox. QPC regularly implementes fireboxes using link aggregation and VLAN strategies in order to achive the best of all networking options: high throughput, high security, granular segmentation.


Extreme Silver Partner 




Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is one of the top three networking technologies in the world.

Our Experience

QPC is one of only two WiNG wireless partners in the State of Wisconsin. We have architected, implemented, and continue to support many Extreme-centric networks. Extreme makes two main brands of wireless, Extreme Wireless and WiNG. QPC uses WiNG wireless because it is an incredibly robus and cost-effective wireless solution. QPC is the sole network architect of large healthcare networks that are Spectralink compliant.

Our Insight

QPC selects Extreme Networks switching equipment because:

  • EXOS switches are the only switching technology in the world that can stack switches over singlemode optical fiber distances. Singlemode fiber distances are required to create a resilient ring topology core network with throughput speeds at the effective rate of the switch fabric on a campus. This is something that link aggregation cannot achieve. A stacked ring topology can provide much easier management and equivalent resiliency to LAG, MLAG, or a multi-pathway network design.

  • EXOS switches have every feature you want, and no undesirable proprietary features like Cisco. Cisco small business switches cannot even tag VLAN 1 over a trunk port.

  • EXOS switches are able to be stacked with other EXOS switches of very different models. Stacking is based upon firmware version, not model. This eliminates the need to buy all new switches at the same time. This level of flexibility enables an organization to grow, shift, and change their network with less expense in labor and hardware over time.

  • EXOS switches take less time to program and maintain due to their superior language (CLI).

  • Extreme Networks has very consistent functionality in their product lines. They do not take necessary functionality away from you. When HP split off Provision switches to Aruba and kept Comware switches as HPE, they progressively created Comware switches that lacked the functionality of prior generations. The removed functionality considered very basic and absolutely necessary features such as the ability to create a default route for a VLAN interface and diagnostic capabilities for link aggregation. As a result, when you now buy Comware switches, you may find yourself not able to to do a project due to the neutered switching equipment. Aruba mostly did not tamper with Provision NOS too much. So as long as you get a full CLI capable Provision NOS switch, it should still be OK. But when you compare it in terms of cost, support, and PoE capabilities, EXOS switches beat them every time.

  • Organizations can actually afford to maintain warranty contracts on their EXOS equipment in contrast to Cisco.

WiNG wireless is a Spectralink certified wireless solution when correctly implemented and backed by a correctly architected network. QPC has successfully implemented distributed campus deployments of EXOS switches including WiNG wireless that support not only the entire organization's enpoints, but also speciality requirements such as Spectralink healthcare mobile VOIP.

WiNG wireless is no more expensive in terms of acquisition than other business and enterprise quality wireless solutions. But WiNG outperforms other wireless solutions and has a lower total cost of ownership. School districts nationwide rely upon WiNG due to its robust capabilities coupled with low TCO. While massive organizations rely upon it due to its unique distributed capabiilities.




Microsoft's Hyper-V is a virtualization technology that produces virtual machines. The benefits of virtual machines includes having a virtual IT environment with any operating system one may want without having another computer. This is useful when trying out new products or working with risky software as if anything ever does go wrong, just wipe the virtual machine and create a new one in minutes.

Our Experience

QPC's engineers have architected, implemented, and managed complex HyperV infrastructures for the last 10 years. The typical HyperV host server will house nine or more VMs when properly sized. This means that an organization can have a single large server that will host all of the organization's needs. While some organizations may feel that this is too many eggs in one basket, the majority of risks that would lead to an outage can be adequately mitigated and a single server approach is much more cost effective than buying two smaller servers.

Our Insight

Given the advanced nature of HyperV's capabilities in 2012R2 and 2016 server, the vast majority of organizations have no need for VMWare anymore. While organizations may choose to stay on their VMWare infrastructure if they are entrenched in it, it would be wise to consider a migration path as they consider server infrastructure replacements.





HP Enterprise / Aruba

HP Enterprise creates simple network solutions by using open standards, software-defined networking, automation and more to help get the edge on the competition. From switches to routers to controllers, HP Enterprise has everything a business needs to build a better network that is faster, stronger, and more secure.

Our Experience

QPC engineers are HP FlexNet certified with 16 years of experience on the Comware NOS. QPC also supports Provision NOS. QPC maintains support relationships with HP engineers in order to evaluate new models of switches in order to avoid unexpected problems for clients where possible. This is crucial because it is not always possible to tell from manufacturer documentation what the exact behavior of a functionality will be.

Our Insight

QPC regularly constructs high performing networks built with reliable HP networking equipment including networks that use technologies like IRF. Link aggregation (802.3ad) is a crucial strategy in even modest environments with 15 or more users. The network demands of standard computer users have increased such that one cannot rely upon 1 Gbps throughput shared between the server and all of the users at a site. QPC standardly configures servers with 8 Gbps throughput and tests the configuration for quality control. What we noticed, was that the HP 1950 series switches are completely different from 1920 series switches, and QPC does NOT recommend the 1950 line. While the HPE documentation for the switch states that it can do 802.3ad, the diagnostic functionality for that standard has been removed from the 1950 switches. Therefore, one cannot rely upon the documentation for the switch.

QPC no longer prefers the Comware NOS switch line because Extreme Networks has so much more to offer for less money. We do still support both Provision and Comware switches though.