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Breakfast Bytes - Windows Phone Review



Lumia Windows phone review

Windows phones get patches right away from Microsoft, so they are more secure.

Phenomenally good Office 365 integration



Ability to pin to Start individual mailboxes and folders

Need to find surveillance cam app

Way more secure than other options

Easy to have long passwords

Real Microsoft Office

Skype for Business

Recommend using 10 number pin to get 25 year time to crack


Not as many apps

iBird Yard

Surveillance cam


No Trend Worry Free Biz client - ram requirements - sees it as full Windows
I talked to Trend and they have no plans on making a WFBiz client for this because they have covered the Windows phone through their mobile security product, which I will be testing.

Very dissapointing that Amazon has a store purchasing app for Windows phone, but it lacks the features that the app has on Android

Other security concerns:

Discussed overall security issues related to iPhones and Android

Windows phones and iPhones get security patches right away


Stagefright massive security flaw affects 95% of Android devices. Only Blackphone and Cyanogen devices have fixes. The rest are unpatched because the cellular carriers do not have a viable patch management strategy. That is why you should not buy Android devices that are locked to a cellular carrier.

Use this article to see if you can at least give yourself some protection from Stagefright.

 Or you could disable SMS flat out, which is something I have done for a long time. Lollipop users can do a special procedure.,how-to-stop-the-stagefright-vulnerability-on-android-lollipop.aspx?