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Breakfast Bytes - Tech Tips for Christmas

Christmas tech tips
MP3 - Christmas tech tips



Felicia's Windows 10 upgrade tips

Felicia's tips for defragmentation - hard drive performance maintenance

HyperV snapshots - just don't use them in production


Insulin pump hacked by owner in order to save life


George Hotz has completely turned the self-driving car strategy on its head
    One thing George didn't talk about was how he improved the security of the computer system to prevent the car from being hacked.
    His system would result in a self-driving car for about $1000 of parts.


Malware that injects itself into the boot sector is back.
    If you  have UEFI Secure Boot, you are protected against this.
    Computers that were clean installed with Windows 10 or Windows 8 with a TPM probably have UEFI Secure Boot.
    If you did an upgrade from Windows 7, you still have BIOS boot.
    This is why reformatting partitions doesn't work. You have to erase everything off the hard drive including the partitions.
    If the malware has hijacked the firmware of the hard drive, then you have to reflash the hard drive firmware.


The same thing can be done to Apple computers with OSX.


Joomla websites need to be updated in order to patch a known vulnerability.


Stay on top of firmware updates. They are equally as important as software updates.
    For HP computers, that is the SoftPaq software.
    For Dell computers, run Dell Command or USC through the iDrac.


Enabling multifactor authentication on Amazon


Evaluate for yourself whether or not credit monitoring services are worth it