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Breakfast Bytes - All About Windows 10 Upgrade

2/6/2016 & 2/19/2016
All About Windows 10 Upgrade

MP3 - All about Windows 10 Upgrade - Part 1

MP3 - All about Windows 10 Upgrade - Part 2

All about Windows 10 upgrades
You may need to force the upgrade.

Windows 10 upgrade will no longer be free after 7/29/2016

Social Engineering Red Flags tip sheet

Windows 10 - more upgrade stories
    If you have a high bandwidth TWC connection, the download of the OS upgrade should go well.
    DSL would be completely unworkable because it is half duplex and results in unreliable file transfer.
    We have done them successfully over microwave connections, but it required techniques involving the media creation tool.

Flash and Active X deployment and inventory methods
    VBS is giving way to PowerShell, and it's only now becoming viable with the elimination of all XP systems.
    You could not previously presume that PowerShell code will run on all systems.
    Even now, your scripts have to accomodate OS versions like Vista and Windows 7 that do not run the same version of PowerShell natively as Win8 and Win10.

Always lock down the ingress unless you are really trying to host something for the world.
Even then, GeoIP may be a necessary approach.
    NAS firewalls
    Systems management systems
    Logging systems, etc.

Researchers reveal a huge security problem in the certificate revocation system.
If end users believe that a site is secure because of a certificate, then they trust the site.
In reality, researchers found that 8 percent of all websites are using REVOKED certificates.
And researchers found that even with 30 different combinations of settings tested, there was no single browser that properly checked for certificate revokation. AND mobile browsers on iOS and Android did not even check for revoked certificates at all.

Breaking the Security of Physical Devices by Silvio Cesare