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Breakfast Bytes - Credential Reuse Problems and Ransomware



Credential reuse problems, ransomware and malware just keep getting worse, medical applications that developers refuse to update
MP3 - Credential Reuse Problems, Ransomware Variants, Medical Software Issues


Credential Reuse

Sets of credentials are being stolen from websites every day.
Credentials from hacks that are several years old are still being used to compromise people.
Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts were compromised by using his credentials from the LinkedIn password dump.

IRS - Whoever is the first to file on a SSN gets the refund. They just make up a W-2.

Ransomware and malware just keeps getting worse.
Recent trends.
Why you have to stop the stuff before it gets to your computer.

Cerber ransomware morphs every 15 seconds making it impossible to remove from the computer.

The latest malware variants are distributing themselves using built-in tools in Windows.

Medical applications that their developers refuse to update to function in accordance with IT security standards and best practices