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Breakfast Bytes - 2018 Security Predictions - Meltdown and Spectre Fix HowTo

1/19/2018 - Originally published 1/3/2018 to cover Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

2/2/2018 - Meltdown/Spectre bug fix how-to



Security Predictions for 2018 - Spectre/Meltdown Fix How To

Trend Micro - Security Predictions for 2018

The latest security updates require manual checking and modification prior to being allowed

MP3 - 2018 Security Predictions

A full show on the details of how to install the Spectre and Meltdown bug fixes

MP3 - Spectre / Meltdown Mitigation Recap





  • 2018 Security Predictions
  • Meltdown and Spectre CPU - Kernel security vulnerabilities
  • Why you must have a relationship with a consultant that is dedicated to staying up-to-date on security and maintenance issues
  • Endpoint security product potential compatibility problems with security patches
  • Why on-premise security management servers are not the best option for most orgs anymore
  • Don't get misled to buying non-OEM transceivers unless you are willing to take the support risk
  • Full description of what you need to do in order to patch and mitigate Meltdown / Spectre

1/3/2018 critical security patch - will only install after manual action (Meltdown/Spectre)

As of 1/3/2018, a new critical flaw patch was released addressing CPU security vulnerabilities.

Manual action is required due to compatibility checking, or these updates will not be installed.


2018 Trend Micro Security Predictions

The risk of using non-OEM transceivers

Don't get sucked into the idea that you can actually save money buying non-OEM transceivers.

You will find yourself without manufacturer support for your networking solution.

Integra Optics claims that it is a scam. While you may be able to get by with non-OEM transceivers in a lab, I would not use them in a production environment. If your networking solution does not have support, you have a brick.


FBI is barking for encryption backdoors - again

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services has added DLP and anti-exploit protection features in their latest client update.