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Breakfast Bytes - Dangers of 5G Radiation

8/17/2018, 8/31/2018

Risks of 5G Radiation to Human Health

Educate yourself about the dangers of 5G radiation to human health

MP3 - Dangers of 5G Radiation



Human Health Dangers Associated with 5G Radiation

It has been proven that all versions of cellular radiation can cause DNA damage and brain cancer, even 2G. So what additional health risks occur from 5G radiation at the density levels that companies like Foxconn and Verizon want to deploy it?

Dangers of 5G radiation
Smart Cities are a big danger of Orwellian totalitarian spying also.
This already exists in China where people are fined and called out on loud speakers for jaywalking under the total information awareness and facial recognition system.
Foxconn is pushing smart cities, which I have no doubt it will profit from, but this is another downside to having companies in the United States that do not match our freedom-loving and Constitutional culture.

Some back stabbing senators are putting forward bills that remove local communities' ability to have a say in where these high power microwave radiation 5G antennas will be placed.
So Verizon could put a 5G antenna on the pole outside of your house and you would have no say in the matter.

This reminds me of the issues with living within the high EMF zone from high tension power lines.
If you are over 800 ft away from a high tension power line, your exposure will be minimal. But long term evidence shows that within that range, humans who reside there, and therefore have a high exposure rate suffer from higher incidence of cancers such as leukemia.
This is problematic as 5G technology has been scientifically shown to harm human life by causing things like insomnia, nosebleeds, and even stillbirths.

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) invested $25 million to study the nature of EMF radiation with the aim of proving that all mobile phone radiation is safe. What it ended up finding is that even primitive technologies like 2G can cause DNA damage and brain cancer – suggesting that much stronger 5G emitted from far more towers will be exponentially worse.

9 out of 10 popular cell phone models exceed regulatory limits for radiation

Cell phone scandal: We are being exposed to 3 TIMES the amount of radiation that manufacturers claim

Transmitters have to be erected every 500 ft.
This reminds me of one of the reasons that Spectrum has been obsessed to try to get all business class customers to allow them to put up a public Spectrum wireless access point in their business. The problem is that this is more wireless radiation that you don't control, you don't need, and actually conflicts in the spectrum with your own business or home wireless.

Experts warn that 5G exposure is similar to being inside a microwave oven for 17 minutes on full power.