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Breakfast Bytes - Why Real Server Hardware is the Most Cost Effective

10/19/2018, 11/1/2018

Why real server hardware is usually the most cost-effective option

Detailed analysis on Axis Video Server systems

Windows 10 IPv6, appliance options versus real server hardware

MP3 - Why Real Server Hardware is the Most Cost-Effective

MP3 - VMS Appliance Analysis - Why you need real server hardware part 2



Why Real Server Hardware is the Most Cost-Effective

Usually there is no substitute for real server hardware. Attempts to pay less for server hardware almsot always end up costing you more in the long-run.

Windows 10 as of Build 1809 10/2/2018 has an IPv6 requirement. There are a bunch problems with that.

We cover the option of running an ACS Appliance instead of building your own ACS VMS using a real server. We will go into more detail about this in part 2.

You must include the cost of labor over the life of the hardware as a consideration if you are going to come up wiht a viable cost comparison between solutions.

We briefly touch on the option of running a VM on a Synology NAS. More about this on a later show.

VMS Appliance Analysis

QPC analysis on ACS appliance versus a Dell PowerEdge server we designed for the purposes of running ACS.

Part 2 of this podcast series covers the ACS appliance analysis in detail. Please refer to the writeup on the topic as linked above.