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Here you will find a few how-to articles/turtorials/walk through's to help you with some computer basics. These articles provide easy to follow, step by step instructions for a range topics from making a screenshot to fixing your internet connection

All of these documents are also availble for download in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). Click here to download and install the newest Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).

1/17/2014 - With RSS, you don't miss any content and you don't have to spend time looking for content.

Purpose of this document

This document serves as a how-to guide for people who have Outlook and wish to use it as their RSS feed aggregator. The document provides step-by-step instructions on how to add QPC's RSS feed to their Outlook client. The procedure for other RSS feeds would differ only in terms of source and possibly the automatic feed download option.

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How to save your bacon – real solutions for real needs

Quick overview
1. Know where your data is
2. Identify your risk tolerance
3. Identify your technical savvy
4. Take responsibility for your own data and system

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6/9/2010 - Author: Felicia

Computers, regardless of the operating system, utilize disk space using an inherently inefficient method. They utilize space on hard drives in a way in which files are placed in inefficient spaces and are often torn up and stored in parts. Let’s think about this in terms of a set of shelves in your home with books on it.

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4/2/2003 - Author: Felicia

This document describes how logs from the detailed logging of logon activity on domain controllers in a Windows domain (NT 4 or Active Directory) are stored in a central server archive for reference. Server support personnel should be familiar with the operation of detailed logging and the archive of past logs.

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