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QPC provides automated PC build methodologies, comprehensive network design including intra-LAN security, full egress filtering, web content filtering, multi-layered antivirus scanning, and more.


Every interaction is used as a training opportunity thereby making you and your company IT staff able to solve more problems on their own in the future.

Q+ is proud to offer courses in computers, networking, and security for small and home offices in SE Wisconsin. The topics are detailed below. This course covers all the topics listed on this page and more. Attendees will receive a workbook containing the course material. This class is not scheduled regularly. It is scheduled based upon demand. So if you wish to attend, please call or email us.

QPC can provide anything from basic to advanced audits. Audit scope is customized to meet the organization's needs and budget.


All DAR plans must start with RTO analysis and services classification. QPC has 20 years of experience designing and implementing DAR and BRP plans for organizations.

QPC is a Synology and ioSafe partner. QPC engineers are Synology Gold certified.

Patch managment is a service QPC provides to subscribed clients. It is critical for all systems to have patches for installed software installed in a timely fashion. While you can patch your computer manually, you will likely not do it as fast as QPC can do it for you. Installing patches in a timely fashion is a key component of what is required to keep your computer from being compromised.

Question: How many people are connected to the Internet?

Billions of people—connecting from anywhere in the world. Who is watching? Who is looking at your transactions? Who is driving down the street trying to borrow your wireless connection? Who is waiting to steal credit card, social security numbers, your entire identity? Who is using YOUR computer for temporary storage or to send viruses and spam or to deny others from using large corporate sites? Are your inboxes filling with unwanted email, offensive images, annoying offers, international funds scams, and viruses?


QPC uses a business model that makes your business progressively less dependent on us unlike other consulting firms that see multiple revenue streams when they talk to you. No monthly maintenance contract is required. We offer a wide range of services designed to protect your assets, give you the highest uptime possible for your business, which gives you peace of mind.