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Network Security

Do you know what is happening on your network? If you have a perimeter firewall that you do not have visibility into, you don't even know what is going on at the edge of your network. Do you know what is happening between your trusted LANs? Do you know what traffic is leaving your network and where it's going?

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Systems Management

We use a business model that progressively makes your business less dependent on us unlike the other consulting firms that see multiple revenue streams when they talk to you. No monthly maintenance contract is required. We offer a wide range of services designed to protect your assets and give you the highest uptime possible for your business, which gives you peace of mind.

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QPC has 20 years of experiencing working with a wide range of for profit, non-profit, and educational organizations large and small. We understand the special needs of medical and retail organizations, and the compliance aspects of PCI, HIPPA, and DLP.

QPC has extensive experience deploying sophisticated, centrally-managed, multi-SSID and network segmented wireless networks for educational institutions.

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Patch Management

Patching vulnerable software is critical to your strategy of keeping systems working properly. Manual patching is time consuming and virtually no one does it - then their systems get compromised due to unpatched software vulnerability.Automated patch management with inventory and quality assurance capabilities is required. QPC was a pioneer in third-party patch management solutions and centralized, script-based automation solutions that enable a single IT person to manage up to 400 computers by themselves. These solutions are totally scalable providing benefit to organizations as small as one person and as large as 20,000 users. We can help you implement a full systems management strategy or can provide those services to your systems.

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Network and Systems Audits

How do you know what your IT staff are or are not doing well? Do you know your backups are really working and could recover under a variety of disaster scenarios? QPC recommends a systems audit at least every 3 years. An organization cannot fix the problems that it doesn't know it has. If you are relying purely upon the advice of your internal IT staff, it is not likely you have the full picture. No one IT person can know everything, so unless you have a highly experienced team of several IT engineers, then you are likely missing something. Perhaps it is a problem, or perhaps a way to optimize. QPC offers audits in blocks of 4-hour increments for new clients in order to meet budgetary constraints. An affordable 4 to 8-hour audit is better than no audit.

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What is your RTO?

Do you know where all of your data is? How long would it take you to recover your growing digital investments? Has your current IT service provider ever asked you what your RTO is? If you don't know what that is, it's likely your IT service provider has never had that critical conversation with you.

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Our Services


Network & Systems Audits

QPC can provide anything from basic to advanced audits. Audit scope is customized to meet the organization's needs and budget.


Computer & Network Installation

QPC provides automated PC build methodologies, comprehensive network design including intra-LAN security, full egress filtering, web content filtering, multi-layered antivirus scanning, and more.



Disaster Avoidance & Recovery

All DAR plans must start with RTO analysis and services classification. QPC has 20 years of experience designing and implementing DAR and BRP plans for organizations.


IT Training

Every interaction is used as a training opportunity thereby making you and your company IT staff able to solve more problems on their own in the future.


Systems Management

QPC is a master of scripting methodologies to automate patch management, systems maintenance, bios and driver updates, software deployments, settings changes, backups, monitoring systems, and software/hardware inventory.


Information & Data Security

QPC implements strategies for clients to best back up their data, secure it from unauthorized parties, and the training to help the client be part of the proactive prevention plan.




Felicia is worth her weight in GOLD. There's no one-time work with Felicia. She helped me put systems in place, documented them in full, and trained me so that I could be independent afterward. The documentation and training have proven to be invaluable. Her expertise and wise judgment have consistently help our school IT projects come in under budget. She is integral, thoughtful, proactive and responsive in her email and other communications pertaining to projects and problems. We are blessed to have her as part of our team.

-Dawn LaMothe, IT Manager, Christian Life School